Cute Dog Toy Crochet Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share free amigurumi models with you here. In my article, I will share with you a model and how to make it. At the end of my article, I will share with you the detailed construction patterns of the mold.


• Yarn: Sport weight/ 4ply yarn YarnArt Jeans (50g/160m, cotton 55%, acrylic 45%): No. 70 brown (main), No. 53 black (nose, dog collar)
• Hook; For YarnArt Jeans I use no: 1,6
• Any toy filling
• Eyes: I used 6 mm half beads
• Button; Any small black button to fasten the dog collar
• Glue, scissors, needle


MR– magic ring
Ch– chain
Sc– single crochet
Inc– increase (2sc in one stitch)
Dec– decrease (2sc together)
Slst– slip stitch
3 sc inc– 3 sc in one stitch


Stuff in the process
Rnd 1. 6sc in MR (6)
Rnd 2. inc x 6 (12)
Rnd 3. (sc, inc) x 6 (18)
Rnd 4. (2sc, inc) x 6 (24)
Rnd 5-36. 32 rounds on 24sc (24)
Rnd 37. (2sc, dec) x 6 (18)
Rnd 38. (sc, dec) x 6 (12)
Rnd 39. dec x 6 (6)


We crochet the neck on the body. Insert the hook under the stitches
Rnd 1. 4sc between rounds 3 and 4 of the body + 4sc through stitches of rounds 4-7 of the body + 4sc between rounds 7 and 8 of the body + 4sc through rounds 7-4 of the body (16)
Rnd 2-3. 2 rounds on 16sc (16), slst
Cut the thread, leaving a tail for sewing the head.


Stuff in the process.
Black yarn.
Rnd 1. 6sc in MR (6)
Rnd 2. inc x 6 (12)
Rnd 3. 12sc (12)
Brown yarn
Rnd 4-5. 2 rounds on 12sc (12)
Rnd 6. (3sc, inc) x 3 (159
Rnd 7. 15sc (15)
Rnd 8. (4sc, inc) x 3 (18)
Rnd 9. 18sc (18)
Rnd 10. (5sc, inc) x 3 (21)
Rnd 11. 21sc (21)
Rnd 12. (6sc, inc) x 3 (24)
Rnd 13. (7sc, inc) x 3 (27)
Rnd 14. (8sc, inc) x 3 (30)
Rnd 15-19. 5 rounds on 30sc (30)
Rnd 20. (3sc, dec) x 6 (24)
Rnd 21. (2sc, dec) x 6 (18)
Rnd 22. (sc, dec) x 6 (12)
Rnd 23. dec x 6 (6)
Cut the thread, fasten off and hide the end.


Crochet 2 details in rows, each row starts with ch1. Leaving a tail for sewing an the beginning.
Rnd 1. Ch6, 5sc from the second chain on the hook (6)
Rnd 2-6. 5 rows on 5sc (5)
Rnd 7. 2sc, dec, sc (4)
Rnd 8-10. 3 rows on 4 sc (4)
Rnd 11. dec x 2 (2)
Crochet around with sc. Finish crocheting with slst.
Cut the thread, fasten off and hide the end.


Stuff in the process. Crochet 4 detail.
Rnd 1. 6sc in MR (6)
Rnd 2. ((3 sc inc) x 2, sc) x 2 (14)
Rnd 3. (2sc, inc x 2, 3sc) x 2 (18)
Rnd 4. 18sc (18)
Rnd 5. dec x 5, 6sc, dec (12)
Rnd 6. (2sc, dec) x 3 (9)
Rnd 7-11. 5 rounds on 9sc (9)
Rnd 12. (sc, dec) x 3 (6)
Tighten the hole. Hide the thread on the two legs, for other two leave the long end of the thread for sewing.


Rnd 1. 5sc in MR (5)
Rnd 2-12. 11 rounds on 5sc (5), slst
Do not stuff. Cut the thread, leaving a tail for sewing.

Dog collar

Black yarn.
Ch 20, from the second chain on the hook 19sc.
In the end we make a buttonhole- I made it with thread, but you can crochet several chains and join to the collar with slst. On the other side sew a button. Hide all the threads.


• Sew the head through both loops of the last round of the neck. Add fiberfill to the neck before closing the hole. Fix the thread, cut and hide.
• Sew two legs with the remaining thread from the other two legs. Use a thread mount to make the legs movable. Pierce the needle through two legs and the body. Repeat several times and tighten the thread so that the legs do not dangle.

• Sew the forelegs between rounds 8 and 9. Hind legs- between rounds 34 and 35.
• Sew the tail to the edge of the back in a circle through both loops of the last rounds.
• Sew the ears slightly obliquely with the wide part on the top. Start to sew along the top.

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All Finished.