Amigurumi Jin Butter Crochet Free Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share free amigurumi models with you here. In my article, I will share with you a model and how to make it. At the end of my article, I will share with you the detailed construction patterns of the mold.


MR – magic ring
BLO – back loop only
FLO – front loop only
Sc – single crochet
Inc – increase
Dec – decrease
Hdc – half double crochet
Dc – double crochet
Slst – slip stitch
Ch – chain

Tool/ Material

• Hook = 1.5mm
• Yarn = 3 ply lace yarn (approx. 1mm thickness)
• Doll eyes = 6mm
• Doll height = approx. 12cm

Crochet Method

• Yarn under
• Crochet round (slst, ch1 after each round)


Skin Colour
Rnd 1. MR 6sc
Rnd 2-4. 6sc (3 rounds)
Rnd 5. BLO 6sc, slst, cut the yarn
Light yellow
Rnd 5. FLO of R4, 3*(sc, inc) [9]
Rnd 6-11. 9sc (6 rounds)
Rnd 12. 3*(sc, dec) [6]
**Leave enough yarn for sewing
**I sew the arms on the outer shirt first, and continue sewing the shirt on the side of the body
**Do not stuff the arms


Rnd 1. MR 6sc
Rnd 2. 6inc [12]
Rnd 3. BLO 12sc
Rnd 4. 3sc, 3dec, 3sc [9]
Rnd 5. BLO 9sc
Rnd 6. 9sc, slst, cut the yarn
Light Blue
Rnd 5. FLO odc R4, 3*(sc, inc, sc) [12]
Rnd 6-10. 12sc (5 rounds)
Rnd 11. 10sc, dec [11]
Rnd 12-16. 11sc (5 rounds), slst, slst, cut the yarn
**Mark the side of each leg

**Join legs
Light blue
ch2 on the right leg, slst on the left leg, ch1
Rnd 1. 11sc, 2sc (on the chain), 11sc, 2sc (on the chain) [26]
Rnd 2. 26sc, change yarn
Rnd 3. BLO 26sc
Rnd 4. 4sc, dec, 12sc, dec, 6sc [24]
Rnd 5. 24sc
Rnd 6. 4sc, dec, 10sc, dec, 6sc [22]
Rnd 7-9. 22sc (3 rounds)
Rnd 10. 3sc, dec 10sc, dec, 5sc [20]
Rnd 11. 3sc, dec 8sc, dec, 5sc [18]
Rnd 12. 9dec [9], change yarn
Skin Colour
Rnd 13. BLO 9sc
Rnd 14-15. 9sc (2 rounds)
**Continue to make the head


Rnd 16. 9inc [18]
Rnd 17. 6*(2sc, inc) [24]
Rnd 18. sc, 5*(inc, 3sc), inc, 2sc [30]
Rnd 19. 6*(4sc, inc) [36]
Rnd 20-23. 36sc (4 rounds)
Rnd 24. 2sc, 5*(inc, 5sc), inc, 3sc [42]
Rnd 25-29. 42sc (5 rounds)
Rnd 30. 2sc, 5*(dec, 5sc), dec, 3sc [36]
Rnd 31. 6*(4sc, dec) [30]
Rnd 32. sc, 5*(dec, 3sc), dec, 2sc [24]
Rnd 33. 6*(2sc, dec) [18]
Rnd 34. 6*(dec, sc) [12]
Rnd 35. 6dec [6]
**Eyes position between R23 & R24


Skin Colour
Rnd 1. MR 5sc
**Ears same height with the eyes

Outer Shirt

Light yellow
**ch1, turn after each row
Rnd 1. ch16, (2nd ch from the hook) 7*(sc, inc), sc [22]
Rnd 2-3. 22sc (2 rows)
Rnd 4. 5sc, inc, 10sc, inc, 5sc [24]
Rnd 5-6. 24sc (2 rows)
Rnd 7. 5sc, inc, 12sc, inc, 5sc [26]
Rnd 8-9. 26sc (2 rows)
Rnd 10. 6sc, inc, 12sc, inc, 6sc [28]
Rnd 11-13. 28sc (3 rows)


**Crochet on R1
Rnd 1. ch2, 7*(dc, dcinc), dc [22], ch1, turn
Rnd 2. 22sc, fasten off


Rnd 1. MR 6sc
Rnd 2. 6inc [12]
Rnd 3. 6*(inc, sc) [18]


S1. ch13, (2nd ch ch from the hook) 2sc, 9hdc, sc, slst at the first stitch on the base
S2-3. ch12, 2sc, 8hdc, sc (2 strands)
S4-5. ch12, 2sc, 8hdc, sc (2 strands, both slst at the same stitch on the base)
S6-7. ch12, 2sc, 8hdc, sc (2 strands)
S8. ch13, 2sc, 8hdc, sc
S9. ch11, 2sc, 7hdc, sc
S10. ch15, 2sc, 10hdc, sc
S11. ch17, 2sc, 12hdc, sc
S12-16. ch18, 2sc, 13hdc, sc (5 strands)
S17. ch17, 2sc, 12hdc, sc
S18. ch15, 2sc, 10hdc, sc
S19. ch11, 2sc, 7hdc, sc
**I use glue for the base and strands, except S2 to S7 (they are free to move around)
**Leave a long yarn tail if you prefer to sew the hair
**S9 & S19 are position above the ears

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All Finished.