Amigurumi Doll Crochet Free Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.

You can choose the colors and the rope yourself.
Fiber filling

MR=Magical Ring
sc=single crochet
(….)*n Repeat written in the parentheses n times.
Blo=back order loop
Flo=front order loop
ss=slip stitch
Hdc=half double crochet
Dc=double crochet
Dcv=increase with double crochet
Dca=decrease with double crochet

ARMS – Skin Color
R1: MR w/ 8sc =6
R2: sc, inc, 3sc, inc, 2sc =12
R3: 2sc, 2inc, 4sc, 2inc, 2sc =20
R4-6: 20sc =20
R7: 4sc, dec, 8sc, dec, 4sc =18
R8: 4sc, dec, 7sc, dec, 3sc =16
R9: 4sc, dec, 6sc, dec, 2sc (insert wire) =14
R10: 3sc, dec, 5sc, dec, 2sc =12
R11-36: 12sc, slst, f/o-cut yarn =12

LEGS – Skin Color
R1: ch7, inc, 4sc, [5sc], 5sc =16
R2: 2inc, 4sc, 5inc, 4sc, inc =24
R3: (sc, inc)2, 4sc, (inc, sc)5, 4sc, inc, sc =32
Make Cardboard Cut-outs
R4: inc, 2sc, inc, 8sc, (inc, 2sc)4, 8sc =38

R5: BLO-38sc =38
R6-8: 38sc (insert cardboard cut-outs) =38
R9: 13sc, (dec, sc)6, 7sc =32
R10: 10sc, (dec, sc)6, 4sc =26
R11: sc, dec, 5sc, (dec, sc)5, 3sc =20
R12: 2dec, 2sc, (dec, sc)*4, 2sc =14
R13: 14sc =14

R14: sc, inc, 12sc =15
R15: 15sc =15
R16: inc, sc, inc, 12sc =17
R17: 17sc =17
R18: sc, inc, 2sc, inc, 12sc =19
R19: 19sc =19
R20: (2sc, inc)*2, 13sc =21
R21: 21sc =21
R22: 5sc, inc, 15sc =22
R23-24: 22sc =22
R25: 15sc, 4inc, 3sc =26

R26: 3sc, 3dec, 17sc =23
R27: 11sc, 4dec, 4sc =19
R28: 3sc, 3inc, 13sc =22
R29: 5sc, inc, sc, inc, 14sc =24
R30-31: 24sc =24
R32: 2sc, inc, sc, inc, 5sc, inc, sc, inc, 11sc =28
R33-34: 28sc, f/o-color change =28
White Color
R38: 28sc =28
R39: BLO-28sc =28
R40: 28sc, slst, f/o-cut yarn on Left Leg Only =28

White Frill – hold the leg as in picture & attach yarn to FL in the Center Back
(ch4, 2slst)*14

Continue to BODY from Right Leg – 16sc on Right Leg & ch3, join to Left Leg
R41: 28sc – around Left Leg, 3sc along the ch
28sc – around Right Leg, 3sc along the ch = 62

R42: (14sc, inc)4, 2sc =66
R43-51: 66sc =66
R52: (9sc, dec)6 =60
R53: 60sc =60
R54: (8sc, dec)6, f/o-color change =54 Skin Color
R55: 54sc =54 R56: (7sc, dec)6 =48
R57-71: 48sc =48

Attach Arms
R72: 11sc – on Body, 5sc – inside of 1st Arm + Body
19sc – on Body, 5sc – inside of 2nd Arm + Body
8sc – on Body =48
R73: 11sc – on Body
3sc, inc, 3sc – around the 1st Arm
19sc – on Body
3sc, inc, 3sc – around the 2nd Arm
8sc – on Body =54

R74-76: 54sc =54
R77: 11sc, (dec, sc)3, 18sc, (dec, sc)3, 7sc =48
R78: 9sc, (dec, sc)3, 15sc, (dec, sc)3, 6sc =42
R79: 8sc, (dec, sc)3, 12sc, (dec, sc)3, 4sc =36
R80: 7sc, 3dec, 12sc, 3dec, 5sc =30
R81: 6sc, 3dec, 9sc, 3dec, 3sc =24
R82: (2sc, dec)6 =18 R83: (sc, dec)6 =12
R84-86: 12sc, f/o-cut yarn =12

HEAD – Skin Color
R1: MR w/ 6sc =6
R2: 6inc =12
R3: (sc, inc)6 =18
R4: (2sc, inc)6 =24
R5: (3sc, inc)6 =30
R6: (4sc, inc)6 =36

R7: (5sc, inc)6 =42
R8: (6sc, inc)6 =48
R9: (7sc, inc)6 =54
R10: (8sc, inc)6 =60
R11: (9sc, inc)6 =66
R12: (10sc, inc)6 =72
R13-23: 72sc =72
R24: 29sc, ch2/sk2, 10sc, ch2/sk2, 29sc =72
R25: 20sc, inc, (3sc, inc)8, 19sc =81

R26-30: 81sc (Insert Safety Eyes in R25) =80
R31: (25sc, dec)3 =78
R32: (11sc, dec)6 =72
R33: (10sc, dec)6 =66
R34: (9sc, dec)6 =60
R35: (8sc, dec)6 =54
R36: (7sc, dec)6 =48

R37: (6sc, dec)6 =42
R38: (5sc, dec)6 =36
R39: (4sc, dec)6 =30
R40: (3sc, dec)6 =24
R41: (2sc, dec)6 =18
R42: (sc, dec)*6, f/o-long tail for sewing =12

Place a thread around the eyes so the embroidery of Nose & Mouth is centered
Embroider Nose between R26-27 & Mouth between R31-32

HAIR – Brown Color
R1: MR w/ 8sc, slst/ch2 =6
R2: FLO – 8dc-inc, slst/ch2 =16
R3: FLO – 16dc-inc, slst/ch2 =32
R4: FLO – (dc, dc-inc)* 16, slst/ch2 =48
R5: FLO – 48dc, slst, don’t f/o =48

Hair Strands
R1-2: (ch57, start in 3rd ch, 55sc, 4slst on Cap)*24 =24 hair strands
R3: (ch57, start in 3rd ch, 55sc, 3slst on Cap)*11 =11 hair strands
R4: (ch57, start in 3rd ch, 55sc, 2slst on Cap)8 =8 hair strands
R5: (ch57, start in 3rd ch, 55sc, 1slst on Cap)8 =8 hair strands
f/o-long tail for sewing & attach Hair 15 rows up from the eyes

R1: ch31, 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc)5, 2sc, ch1/turn =36
R2: 3sc, inc, (5sc, inc)5, 2sc, ch1/turn =42
R3: 3sc, inc, (6sc, inc)5, 3sc, ch1/turn =48
R4: 4sc, inc, (7sc, inc)5, 3sc, ch1/turn =54
R5: 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc)5, 4sc, ch1/turn =60
R6-10: 60sc, ch1/turn =60 R11: 9sc, ch9/sk12, 18sc, ch9/sk12, 9sc, ch1/turn =54
R12: 54sc, ch1/turn =54 R13: 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc)5, 4sc, ch1/turn =60

R14-17: 60sc, ch1/turn =60
R18: 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec)5, 4sc, ch1/turn =54
R19: (2inc, [3sc])18, ch1/turn =126
R20-35: 126sc, ch1/turn =126
R36: (hdc, slst)63, ch1/turn =126
R37: BLO-126sc, ch1/turn =126
R38-43: repeat R36-37, ch1/turn =126
R44: (hdc, slst)63, f/o-long tail for sewing =126

Sleeves – attach yarn in the armpit area
R1: 5sc – on the Bottom, 1sc – on the Side
12sc – on Top, 1sc – on the Side
4sc – on the Bottom, slst, ch1/turn =23
R2-6: 23sc, slst, ch1/turn =23
R7: 11sc, inc, 11sc, slst, ch1/turn =24

R8-11: 24sc, slst, ch1/turn =24
R12: (hdc, slst)12, slst, ch1/turn =24
R13: BLO-24sc, slst, ch1/turn =24
R14-19: repeat R12-13, slst, ch1/turn =24
R20: (hdc, slst)12, slst, f/o-cut yarn =24

Waist Embellishment – hold Dress as shown in 1st picture below
Attach yarn between Rows 17-18: (2slst, sk1sc)*around
Repeat the same between Rows 18-19 and 19-20

Bows – into MR: (ch3, dc, ch3, slst)*2
Leave a long tail to wrap around the middle few times & attach to the Dress

Sew the Back Opening together

SHOES – use slightly larger hook (make 2 Soles)
R1: ch7, inc, 4sc, 5sc, 5sc, slst/ch1 =16
R2: 2inc, 4sc, 5inc, 4sc, inc, slst/ch1 =24
R3: (sc, inc)2, 4sc, (inc, sc)5, 5sc, inc, slst/ch1 =32
Make Cardboard Cut-outs
R4: (sc, inc)2, 8sc, (inc, 2sc) 4, 7sc, inc =39
slst on 1
st Sole only & f/o the 1st Sole —– do not slst on the 2nd Sole & continue
go through both lps on both soles —– 39 sl.sts, placing cardboard between 2 sole

part that looks like a seam is facing us —– attach Beige Color to FL in the back

R5: 38sc (will be missing 1st), ch1 =38
R6-9: 38sc, slst/ch1 =38
R10: 13sc, (dec, sc)6, 7sc, slst/ch1 =32
R11: 11sc, (dec, sc)5, 6sc, slst, f/o-cut yarn =27

Right Boot – count 8 sts to the Left from last slst & attach yarn
R1: 27sc, ch7, start in 3rd ch, (hdc, slst)*2
make (hdc, slst) to the end of the Row, ch1/turn
R2: BLO-32sc, ch1/turn =32
R3: (hdc, slst)16, ch1/turn =32
R4: BLO-32sc, ch1/turn =32
R5: (hdc, slst)16, f/o-cut yarn =32

Left Boot – count 12 sts to the Right from last slst & PM
make ch5 & attach to marked st
R1: 27sc, turn =27
R2: ch2, (hdc, slst)16, working also on ch5 =32
R3: ch1, BLO-32sc, turn =32
R4: ch2, (hdc, slst)16, turn =32
R5: ch1, BLO-32sc, turn =32
R6: ch2, (hdc, slst)*16, f/o-cut yarn =32

HAT – Mustard Color
R1: MR w/ 8sc, slst/ch2 =8
R2: 8dc-inc, slst/ch2 =16
R3: 16 dc-inc, slst/ch2 =32
R4: (dc, inc)16, slst/ch2 =48
R5: (2dc, inc)16, slst/ch2 =64
R6: (3dc, inc)16, slst/ch2 =80
R7: (9dc, inc)8, slst/ch2 =88

R8: (10dc, inc)8, slst/ch2 =96
R9: (11dc, inc)8, slst/ch1 =104
R10: BLO-104sc, slst/ch1 =104
R11-14: 104sc, slst/ch1 =104
R15: (18sc, dec)5, 4sc, slst/ch1 =99
R16-17: 99sc, slst/ch2 =99
R18: (hdc, slst)49, hdc, f/o-cut yarn, attach buttons


  1. chain the desired length with Mustard Color
    make 2 rows of SC’s along the chain, f/o-cut yarn
  2. attach Red Color to the very 1st chain (where started)
    (sc, ch2, sk2chs)*until the end of chain, f/o-cut yarn
  3. attach Mustard Color to the very 1st chain (where started)
    [3sc] into the ch2-sp utnil the end of chain, f/o-cut yarn

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All Finished.