Amigurumi Cute Alpaca Free Crochet Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.

Necessary materials:

  • Yarn Adelia Sofia No. 31 (pink) or No. 32 (turquoise), YarnArt Jeans No. 03 (milky), No. 51 (red), No. 62 (white), No. 74 (pink)
  • Yarn for muzzle Alize Softy (you can use any fluffy) white
  • Hook 3.0 mm for Adelia and 2.5 mm for the rest of the yarn
  • Half beads 7 mm for eyes
  • Felt for eyes and ears, if you do not want to knit them
  • Knitting marker
  • Threads, needle
  • Filler

ring – amigurumi ring
r – row
VP – air loop
sbn – single crochet – front wall
pr – increase
dec – decrease
ss – connecting column
(…) xn – repeat (…) n times

1p: 6 sc in ring (6)
2p: 6 inc (12)
3p: (inc, 1 sc) x6 (18)
4p: (inc, 2 sc) x6 (24)
5p: (inc, 3 sc) x6 (30)
6r: (inc, 4 sc) x6 (36)
7-11r: 36 sc each
12r: (inc, 5 sc) x6 (42)
13r: 42 sc
14r: (dec, 4 sc) x7 (35)
15r: (dec, 3sc) x7 (28)
16r: (dec, 3sc) x7 (21)
17r: (dec, 2sc) x7 (14)
18r: 7dec (7)
Finish cc and leave the long end of the thread .
Stuff tightly with filler.

1p: 6 sc in the ring (6)
2p: 6 inc (12)
3p: (inc, 1 sc) x6 (18)
4p: (inc, 2 sc) x6 (24)
5p: (inc, 5 sc) x4 (28)
6-18r: 28 sc each (28)
19r: (dec, 5 sc) x4 (24)
20p: (dec, 2 sc) x6 (18)
21r: (dec, sc) x6 (12)
22r: 6 dec (6)
Stuff the piece, Pull off
the hole and cut the thread.

1r: 6 sb in the ring (6)
2r: (inc, 2 sb) x2 (8)
3-4r: 8 sb each

Paws (4 parts)
1r: 5 prs in the ring (5)
2r: 5 inc (10)
3-9r: 10 prs (10)
Finish cc and leave the long end of the thread.
Fill with filler.
Sew the edge.

Eyes (2 parts)
1p: 6 sc in the ring (6)
2p: 6 inc (12)
Finish sl-st. Glue on or embroider eyes and eyelashes.

Ears (2 parts)
Step back from the edge of the thread 15 cm (for sewing).
1p: 3 ch, from the 2nd loop 2 sc, ch, turn (2)
2p: 2 sc, ch, turn
3p: 2 inc, ch, turn (4)
4-5p: 4 sc, ch, turn
6p : inc, 2 sc, inc, ch, turn (6)
7p: 6 sc, ch, turn
8p: 2 sc, inc, 3 sc, ch, turn (7)
9p: dec, 3 sc, dec, ch, turn (5)
10r: dec, 1 sb, dec (3)
Without cutting the threads, make ch and tie the part along the edge of the sb, and in the corners of the part, make inc (4 in total).
Finish cc and cut the thread.

Cast on 4 ch, knit from the 2nd loop from the hook on both sides of the chain, forming an oval :
1p: from the 2nd loop 2 sc, 3 sc in one loop, turn, on the other side of the chain: 1 sc, inc (8 )
2: inc, 1 sc, 3 inc, 1 sc, 2 inc (14)
3-4r: 14 sc each
Finish cc and leave the long end of the thread.
Embroider the nose. For convenience, trim the fluff in the embroidery area.

Sew or glue the parts together to make a toy, as in the photo.
I glued only the eyes, sewed all the other details with the ends of the threads.

Heart (2 parts)
1p: 3 ch, from the 2nd loop 2 sc, ch, turn
2p: 2 inc, ch, turn (4)
3p: inc, 2 sc, inc, ch, turn (6)
4p: 6 sc, ch, turn
5p: 3 sc, ch, turn
6p: 1 sc from 3 loops
Cut the thread.
Attach the thread on the other side and tie:
1p: 3 sc, ch, turn
2p: 1 sc from 3 loops
Tie one more detail.

Fold two hearts together and tie the piece around the edge of the sc.
Stuff with filler if desired.

1p: 6sc in the ring (6)
2p: 6 inc (12)
3p: (inc, 1sc) x6 (18)
4p: (inc, 2sc) x6 (24)
5p: tie a sequence around the edge for p .st .: (pr, 4 sc from one loop).

At the end, join the back wall and tie a chain of ch of the required length and sl-st on the other side (I have 42 ch).

Sew or glue on a heart.

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All Finished.