Amigurumi Cat in Love Free Crochet Pattern

Hello amigurumi lovers and beautiful visitors, I wanted to share the free amigurumi patterns for you here. In my article I will share 1 pattern and how to make it for you. At the end of my article, I will share amigurumi patterns that can generate ideas for you.


KA – amigurumi ring

VP – air loop

Sc – single crochet

Pr – increase

Ub – beautiful


1r: 6 sc in KA

2nd year: pr x 6 times (=12 sc)

3p: [1sc, inc] x 6 times (18)

4p: [2sn, pr]x 6 times (24)

5p: [3sc, inc] x 6 times (30)

6p: [4sc, inc] x 6 times (36)

7p: [5sc, inc] x 6 times (42)

8p: [6sc, inc] x 6 times (48)

9p: [7sc, inc] x 6 times (54)

10-14: 54 sbn

15r: [7sc, dec] x 6 times (48)

16r: [6sbn, ub]x 6 times (42)

17r: [5sc, dec] x 6 times (36)

18y: [4sbn, ub]x 6 times (30)

19r: [3sc, dec] x 6 times (24)

Filling the head

20 r: [2sbn, ub] x 6 times (18)

21r: [1sc, dec] x 6 times (12)

22r: [ub] x 6 times we knit for the back wall of the loop


1p: we knit for the front wall of the loop of the 21st row of the head: 12stb

2-7r: 12 sc

8p: [3sc, inc] x 3 times (15)

Year 9: 15 Sat

10p: [4sc, inc] x 3 times (18)

11: 18 Sat

12p: [5sc, inc] x 3 times (21)

13y: 21 Sat

14r: [6sc, inc] x 3 times (24)

15 years: 24 Sat

16r: [7sc, inc] x 3 times (27)

17y: 27 Sat

18r: [8sc, inc] x 3 times (30)

From the 19th to the 32nd row, we alternate multi-colored stripes (white and red (blue) colors in the photo).

2 rows – the width of one strip.

19r: 30 sc

20r: [9sc, inc] x 3 times (33)

21 year: 33 Sat

22r: [10sc, inc] x 3 times (36)

23-29 years: 36 sbn

30p: [4sbn, ub]x 6 times (30)

31r: [3sc, dec] x 6 times (24)

32r: [2sc, dec] x 6 times (18)

Finish work, cut the thread.

The base (“bottom”) of the cat:

1p: 6sc in KA

2p: [ pr ] x6 times (12)

3p: [1 sc, inc] x 6 times (18)

Finish work, leave a thread of sufficient length to sew the bottom to the body.

Fill the body with filler, sew the bottom to the part of the cat’s body. Remember that for better stability of the toy, it is better to place granules on its bottom.


white yarn

1p: 6sc in KA

2p: [ pr ] x6 times (12)

3-5r: 12 sc

6p: red: 12 sc

7-8r: white: 12 sc

9r: red: 12 sc

10p: white: 12 sc

11r: [2sc, dec] x 3 times (9)

12-47 years: 9 Sat

The length of the tail can be made at your discretion, it can be shorter or longer. Insert a wire bent in half inside the tail so that it can hold its position and shape. Sew the tail to the body.

 Ears (2 pcs)

1r: 6 sc in KA

2p: 6 sc

3p: [2 sc, inc] x 2 times (8)

4p: [3 sc, inc] x 6 times (14)

5p: [4 sc, inc] x 6 times (20)

6p: [5 sc, inc] x 6 times (26)

7p: [2 sc, single crochet] x 8 times, 2 sc (26)

Sew ears to head.

With the help of felt, draw a muzzle or embroider with threads.

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All Finished.